London, England

Mom and I touring the many beautiful gardens

By Laura

“Dreams take root below the surface, invisible until they are ready to bloom.“

My love of flowers came from gardening side by side with my mother as a little girl. Together, we planted and nurtured our blooms with love.

Fleurs to You is my dream honoring memories, passions, and sentiments ready to flourish.”

My favorite memories from my florist shop days come from the stories customers would tell about who would be receiving the blooms. On Saturday nights, when we sold the most wrapped bouquets, people would tell me all about who and where the flowers were going. Whether for love, for thought, or just because, I enjoyed thinking of how the receiver’s face would light up at the sight of what we were creating.

We Believe

Fleurs to You was born out of the idea that beautiful flowers can make a personal impact on anyone.

We believe that everyone should have easy access to gorgeous blooms. Our wheels take us to you!

Happiness is central to our business and beliefs. Fleurs to You aims to create an enjoyable, approachable, and stress-free flower buying experience from start to finish.